Teething Necklace

Momma Goose


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Available in two different sizes, small and medium.

small (11.5″/28 cm) or medium (12.5″/32 cm). It should not be so loose that the child can lift it up into his/her mouth, but it should not be so tight that it will be uncomfortable. You should try the necklace on the baby to gauge the proper fit or measure using a piece of yarn. A genuine Baltic Amber teething necklace is a natural form of pain relief for teething babies. Amber itself is a fossilized tree resin and contains “succinic acid” which, by body warmth, is released into the skin when worn. Succinic acid provides anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. For teething baby, this means pain relief and reduction of the inflammation of the gums that accompanies teething.


Please note the colors may vary, if there is a specific color you are interested in please make a comment in the appropriate box at checkout.